Terms & Conditions

  1. Rates specified are for minimum of 24 hours. Additional hours will be calculated10% per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours only. More than 5 hours are considering full day rental rate.
  2. Rental areas within a radius 200 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu City Centre. Driving over the radius will be charge minimum RM200 and subject to company permission.
  3. No refund either in part or in full, will be made for unused borrow. For cancellation of booking at any time by hirer, booking fees paid shall be forfeited.
  4. The chargeable rates include full indemnity for accident damage to third party property and theft protection. However in line with the commercial insurance practice, the hirer is always responsible for an amount equivalent the excess clause not exceeding Group A (Below 1000cc : RM1500) ; Group B (1001cc-1300cc : RM2000) ; Group C (1301cc-1500cc : RM2500) ; Group D (1501cc-2000cc : RM3000) and Group E (2001cc above : RM5000).
  5. Hirer have an option to waive the financial responsibility resulting from damage vehicle while it under rental agreement. This can be done by accepting Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) at the time of taking / delivery of the vehicle on payment of 20% from total rental rates. However the customer is liable for non-waiver able damage excess for Group A & B RM500 ; Group C & D RM1000 and Group E RM2000.
  6. In addition to the rent charges, the customer is required to have cash / credit card security deposit and an equivalent as a guarantee of proper usage of the vehicle for the entire duration of the contract, sum which will be reimbursed if no damage or summons notified after 7 working days after return the vehicle.
  7. Damage caused by negligence such as punctures and burst tires, fuel errors, lack of battery charges due to forgetting to turn off electrical appliance, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories.
  8. The customer is reminded that underbody and overhead damage is at their own risk at all time. All insurance is void if vehicle are driven on unsealed and unmade roads or surfaces.
  9. Hirer must possess a valid local driving license or an international driving permit with qualified driving experience of at least one year.
  10. Hirer is responsible for all parking fees and traffic fines incurred during the rental period.
  11. Hirer will be charge an additional of RM50 of every summons paid by company.
  12. Upon returning, the car has to be at the same condition as when it was delivered. Failing which the hirer will be liable for the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original condition.
  13. All prohibited goods (such as pirated VCD, drugs, alcohol etc.) and goods with unpleasant odors are also strictly prohibited from being carried in the vehicle (e.g. Durian, Salted Fish etc.).

Hirer will not file suit in any court (or join any suit or accept relief in any suit) against any of the Released Parties asserting, pleading, or raising any claims released/waived by this Agreement

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